Teaching Speaking

Teaching Speaking - TS

Expressing yourself in English was never easy. Its time to change that FOREVER.
Discover new ways to speak fluently without any inhebitions. Embark on the road to become a confident speaker.
This course is ideal if
  • Your learners find speaking or pronunciation challenging
  • You want to master your own speaking skills
  • You want to encourage learners to speak more in class.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Teach speaking skills more confidently
  • Make learners fluent speakers
  • Introduce different speaking strategies in their lessons
Course Outline

Module 1 – Creating an Interactive Class

Module 2 – Fluency and Accuracy

Module 3 – Teaching Pronounciation

Module 4 – Oral Interaction and Games

Module 5 – Situations and Role Play

Module 6 – Features of Spoken English