Don’t risk the reputation of your school into the hands of individuals.

Importance of Teacher Training Courses ( School Reputation )

Don’t risk the reputation of your school into the hands of individuals.

Desperate Times Desperate Measures

A good system needs institutionalization, not heroes.

Trained vs. Untrained Teachers
High-Cost High-Quality Teachers with no Professional DevelopmentLow-Cost High-Value Teachers with Continuous Professional Development
Hard to RecruitFresh recruits available all the time
Expensive to RetainAvailable on Low Cost
Motivated to InfluenceMotivated to Learn, Adopt and Evolve
Mastered the SyllabusMastered the Skills
Do not accept changeCapable to improvise
Fly with the fastestGive attention to all learners
Create monotonyJazz up classroom

To avoid these problems, more and more schools now days have realized the importance of inducting teacher training programs as a permanent part of their professional development. They make sure to conduct frequent training sessions. Most of these trainings are tailored to their needs. These trainings benefit the teachers as well as the school in many ways. Below is a sketch of how the pleasant change looks like.

  • Improved Teacher Confidence:

Teachers getting the taste of training continuously are confident enough to try new teaching practices and bring innovations in the classrooms analytically. Training boosts their morale, builds up their lost courage and confidence.

  • Better Classroom Management:

Teachers after getting the taste of training experiences are well equipped with techniques to control and maneuver class dynamics. They get the knack how to put the learners on task, get their attention and keep them engaged till the end of work.

  • Employee Loyalty and Retention:

Schools that invest in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) have higher rate of employee loyalty and retention. Reason is simple; employees take these training opportunities as steps to professional growth and promotion.

  • Twofold Increase in Market Reputation:

Reputation of the school rests on its standard and quality of teachers. If teachers cease to show progression in their teaching, school’s development and standard starts declining resulting in stagnation. It is evident institutions who believe in the professional development of their employees can reap twofold increase in market reputation and will lead others. Parents of their students will become a network of influencers to create viral push in spreading the good reputation word in market.

  • Students’ and Parents’ Trust:

Students are an asset to their parents. However, if parents are not satisfied with the performance of teachers they will not put their asset in the hands of those teachers and will show mistrust in their abilities. Hence to ensure smooth functioning of an academic institution it is indispensable to win the trust of the stake holders like parents and students. To achieve this goal all-rounder, well trained teachers are the need of the time.


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